Bioxy Agri-Salt BinderSaline Soil Remediation

A combination of two specially designed Activated Organic Biopolymers

used to neutralize and bind salts and chlorides in soil to allow maximum

water and nutrient efficiency.

Bioxy Agri-ComposterComposting Acceleration

A formula consisting of purified humates, an ultra high concentration

of synergistic bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid

complex combined to accelerate the composting process.

Bioxy Agri-StarterPlusGermination Acceleration

A combination of  Activated Organic Biopolymer, high-grade nutrients,

billions of specifically blended microbes and enzymes work together to 

maximize germination of seeds while reducing germination time.

Bioxy Agri-GrowthPlusPlant Growth Acceleration

A combination of Agri-Balance and a liquid foliar fertilizer that promotes

top growth, improves root development, and aids damaged and diseased

plants by increasing the plant's ability to uptake calcium and vitamins.

Bioxy Agri-BalanceSoil Conditioning and Enhancement

A powerful combination of Activated Organic Biopolymer, 757 billion

colony forming units of six specific Bacillus genuses bacteria, and

a natural, ultra-concentrated, non-bacterial blend of L-Amino acids,

enzymes, coenzymes, and other proteins.  This unique triple-

combination fights disease, increases water and nutrient efficiencies,

and restores proper balance to tired and broken soils.

Bioxy Agri-CalPlus Soil Enhancement and Plant Strengthening

A Calcium rich, complexed, liquid concentrate for the correction of calcium-deficient soils.

Salt-contaminated soil in Shandong Province, China being treated with SaltBinder™

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