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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is the perfect saying for Bioxy's Hygreen offering.  The latest innovation from Bioxy is the combination of industrial hygiene with bioremediation.  The resulting HygreenTM product line enables proactive maintenance and preemptive remediation in the immediate area where the cleaning is taking place.  While there are many degreasers and cleaners on the market, none are as effective, nontoxic and environmentally friendly as Bioxy’s Hygreen offering.  The cleaning agents are both powerful and compatible with the microbes and enzymes that remediate the site.  We have formulated four different products with specific applications:

• Cleaning Unsealed Surfaces – Hygreen USC deep cleans and lightly etches masonry surfaces, like concrete, crushed rock and gravel.  It is also a good prep for painting or sealing.

• Cleaning Sealed Surfaces – Hygreen SSC lifts oil and grease from surface with a proprietary surfactant package that dramatically reduces surface tension.

• Absorbing spills – Hygreen HCA is designed to both capture and remediate all hydrocarbon contaminants.  Oil is absorbed into the crystalline honeycomb structure where billions of microbes consume the hydrocarbons.

• Extracting hydrocarbon stains – With a poultice-like technology, Hygreen HCE draws hydrocarbons from below porous surfaces like concrete as it dries.  The complex chemistry dissolves oils and greases and the enzyme agents break down the hydrocarbon chains.  Just pour, let dry and sweep up.