Oil and Gas – The Bioxy team has been involved in the oilfield for nearly thirty years, and is constantly seeking solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging environmental, health and safety issues.  Bioxy is primed and ready to help:

  • Maintain wellheads, tank batteries, and surface facilities with our biodegradable, self-remediating Hygreen industrial hygiene products
  • Eliminate and inhibit H2S in crude or produced water with H2S Terminator
  • Inhibit scale formation in pipe, tanks and equipment by binding minerals, salts and metals in production and  waste streams
  • Remediate soil contaminated with brine or hydrocarbons with our Bioxy SaltBinder and SoilRestorer products
  • Treat wastewater streams contaminated with salts, heavy metals, organics and other  pollutants

We are ushering in the next generation of environmental treatment technologies and techniques.  Bioxy can

partner with operators and their environmental consultants or provide a turnkey solution for your environmental and waste management challenges.

Mining - Waste streams from both active and abandoned mines are a perpetual threat to both flora and fauna.  Heavy metals and NORM from mined materials have found their way into our waterways and even into our food chain.  Bioxy’s MetalBinder has proven its effectiveness in immobilizing Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Selenium and many other pollutants, preventing their uptake by plants.  MetalBinder’s impact on electrical conductivity and total suspended solids also facilitates treatment of these waste streams.  Bioxy’s team of scientists can develop a program to address contaminants specific to your waste streams.

– Bioxy’s core technology, the Advanced Organic Polymer, was originally designed to immobilize salts and heavy metals and make them unavailable for plants to take up.  Bioxy Agri products have been applied in 10 countries on a variety of crops in wide-ranging soil and irrigation conditions.  In addition to the soil remediation and conditioning, crop propagation is another core expertise.  Combining the biopolymer technology with the best microbe and enzyme packages on the market creates an unbeatable triple-action treatment for croplands.  The ease and effectiveness of adding nutrients along with the biochemical additives creates the perfect growing storm.

Industrial and Municipal Wastewater– Bioxy’s triple-action technology consisting of biopolymers, microbes and enzymes is the foundation for our next-generation water treatment solutions.  The Bioxy Aqua product line is designed to treat streams high in organic waste, phosphorous, ammonia, PCBs, heavy metals, salts and other contaminants.  Our solutions also are proven effective in sludge management, scale inhibition, odor control, electrical conductivity, and total suspended solids management. 

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