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Produced Water (brine) Spills– Some of the most difficult soil contaminants to deal with are salts, whether sources are naturally occurring, seawater invasion, tainted irrigation, or oilfield/industrial spills.  Salts have a multitude of negative effects on soil and vegetation including clay dispersion, compaction and erosion, increased electrical conductivity, increased osmotic pressure in plant cells and hydrophobia.  The result is that excessively salty soil will not support most vegetation.  In a recent produced water spill field trial, Bioxy’s SaltBinder™reduced soluble salts, chlorides and electrical conductivity by 86%, 89%, and 94% respectively.

Heavy Metals– Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury are making their way into our food chain through various paths, one being the soil in which we raise our crops.  The sources of these heavy metals can be industrial activities, oilfield or mining waste, landfill leachate, and residue from mineral fertilizers and pesticides.  In any event, they are a hazard to human health in excessive amounts. A recent field study determined that MetalBinder™ immobilized arsenic with an efficiency of 85%.

Hydrocarbons– Bioxy’s SoilRestorer™is listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan for hydrocarbon spills. Soil Restorer utilizes a blend of activated humic acid, highly concentrated live, hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid and protein complex to actually consume hydrocarbon molecules.  The product is effective on crude oil, gasoline, condensate, distillate, particularly on the carcinogenic benzene-toluene-xylene family of contaminants.