Next-Generation Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Technology, Testing and Services ​Hypochlorous
Next-Generation Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Technology, Testing and Services ​Hypochlorous
Next-Generation Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Technology, Testing and Services ​Hypochlorous
Next-Generation Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Technology, Testing and Services ​Hypochlorous


Bioxy Research delivers next-generation, proven LESS TOXIC surface cleaners, environmental bioremediation, and facility Hygiene technology and services for industrial and residential applications. Our advanced Pure and Stabilized Hypochlorous Technology is without chemicals, binders, or any toxic ingredients which makes it a perfect solution when used near humans, animals, and food. 

​We strive to mimimize the negative impact on the environment



Bioxy’s core technology is the Advanced  Stabilized Hypochlorous Acid

Our Hypochlorous Acid uses a proprietary process to stabilize without ANY chemicals, binders, or acids to maintain a  safe product to use while humans and animals are present. This makes it a perfect solution for residences, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or any facility that must be cleaned with people present.


Our Products

Fogging Machines

The Commander “Tri-Jet” Fogger is our #1 recommended fogging machine for all Hypochlorous fogging applications. This fogger is able to shoot cold mist up to 30 feet directionally with its adjustable valve and tornado action nozzle. May be used either indoors or outdoors.

Deep Cleansing Formula

Hypochlorous formulated at 300ppm, this is the perfect solution for Residential and Small Business surface cleansing needs.

Available in quarts or gallons.

CuraClean Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Hypochlorous formulated at 460ppm, this is the perfect solution for Industrial and Hospital grade surface cleansing needs. Listed on the EPA list “N” to kill viruses including Covid-19. It reacts more rapidly than all other chlorine-based disinfectants, proven to be 80 to 100 times more efficacious than bleach yet safe for humans and animals. 

Available in quarts or gallons.


Industries Served

Industrial, Facilities, and Residential Hygiene

The Bioxy Team provides a superior grade of stabilized Hypochlorous Acid, and the services to ensure a clean environment.  Bioxy is primed and ready to help: Our product are less-toxic and harmless to humans and animals and in fact a superior product for use in food services establishments

Industrial and Municipal Wastewater

Bioxy’s triple-action technology consisting of biopolymers, microbes and enzymes is the foundation for our next-generation water treatment solutions.  The Bioxy Aqua product line is designed to treat streams high in organic waste, phosphorous, ammonia, PCBs, heavy metals, salts and other contaminants.  Our solutions also are proven effective in sludge management, scale inhibition, odor control, electrical conductivity, and total suspended solids management. 


Bioxy’s core technology, the Advanced Organic Polymer, was originally designed to immobilize salts and heavy metals and make them unavailable for plants to take up.  Bioxy Agri products have been applied in 10 countries on a variety of crops in wide-ranging soil and irrigation conditions.  In addition to the soil remediation and conditioning, crop propagation is another core expertise.  Combining the biopolymer technology with the best microbe and enzyme packages on the market creates an unbeatable triple-action treatment for croplands.  The ease and effectiveness of adding nutrients along with the biochemical additives creates the perfect growing storm.


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