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Bioxy Research is proud to introduceH2S Terminator™. H2S Terminator is a unique formula containing a patent-pending Advanced Organic Polymer (AOP) and a biodegradable natural amino acid complex that both eliminates hydrogen sulfide and inhibits its formation in oil, produced water, and wastewater. It was scientifically formulated to eliminate H2S with no negative impact on oil quality and no formation of other undesired compounds

The Technology

The core of the H2S Terminator technology is the Activated Organic Polymers (AOP), an ultra-pure balance of beneficial, long-chain, negatively charged, stable carbon groups that act as a natural buffering agent, creating a stable treatment environment. AOP also acts as a sequestering agent binding metal ions into an insoluble stable complex that becomes a non-toxic organic metal complex and mineral. As a chelating agent, H2S Terminator detoxifies poisonous metal agents by converting them to a less toxic biochemically inert form while providing an unprecedented capacity to capture and absorb a wide array of contaminants found in oil and gas exploration and refining operations. In addition to the AOP, H2S Terminator contains a broad spectrum amino acid complex that speeds up the natural degradation of organics by efficiently catalyzing complex organic molecules found in crude oil. H2S Terminator is designed to quickly reduce H2S and toxicity through its ability to alter the environmental factors in crude oil that form H2S. Elemental sulfur and sulfates are neutralized and organics are stabilized while the oxygen-deficient environment is reversed inhibiting the conversion to H2S. Treatment also reduces the corrosive effects on metals related to H2S/salt-based solutions to piping and equipment. Therefore, H2S Terminator shows a significant competitive advantage over alternative products for the treatment of crude oil and produced water.