Industrial Hygiene


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is the perfect saying for Bioxy’s Surface Hypochlorous offering. The latest innovation from Bioxy is the source for industrial and residential hygiene. The resulting product line enables proactive maintenance and preemptive remediation in the immediate area where the cleaning is taking place. While there are many degreasers and cleaners on the market, none are as effective, less-toxic, and environmentally friendly as Bioxy’s Hypchlorous offering.

Offering next day service for restaurants, schools, medical facilities, and more. We also offer testing using state of the art ATP instruments. Know how safe your facility really is and how to bring it into specification

What is the difference between Bioxy™ and other Surface Cleansers? It’s extremely effective and less toxic. Traditional products provide a choice between a safer product that doesn’t work or choose a product with toxic chemicals that pose dangers to humans and animals’ health. Bioxy™ Surface Cleanser Professional provides both! A safe and less toxic formula that really works well, tested, and peer-reviewed!

No Harsh Chemicals – No Alcohol

Don’t expose your family or customers to harsh, toxic chemicals. Bioxy™ Surface Cleaner Professional utilizes a stabilized formula to obtain a balanced pH. Safe for use on any surfaces where ultra cleanliness is important.