Water Treatment


Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Industrial, agricultural and municipal wastewater streams are often high in organic waste, H2S, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, salts, ammonia and/or other toxins.  Bioxy’s next generation organic water solutions address many challenges such as sludge management, algae and excess nutrient loading, hydrogen sulfide and odor control, water quality (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, EC and ORP), and salt, chloride and bicarbonate issues. 

Salt-laden Irrigation Water Treatment

In many cases croplands build up toxic salinity levels over time by irrigating with water with excessive salt content.  Bioxy’s SaltBinder can be used to treat the irrigation water while remediating contaminated soils.  As an added bonus, nutrients and disease-preventing microbes and enzymes can be applied simultaneously.  

Produced water/Fracwater

Water produced as a byproduct of oil and gas production is expensive to manage.  Until recently, the standard approach has been to dispose of produced water in deep disposal wells and use new source water for the next well.  That is changing for several reasons.  The industry is being pressured to conserve our surface and groundwater resources.  Secondly, in some cases, the cost of water has rapidly escalated due to regional droughts and lowering water tables.  Also deep well disposal has been identified as the culprit in cases of induced seismicity, the result being a limit on the volume of water disposed of in deep wells.  Whatever the reason, reuse and recycle is becoming more prominent.  Bioxy’s Aqua products will sequester salts and metals into an inert form that is less corrosive and toxic.  Whether the objective is recycling or pretreating water prior to disposal, or to protect the injection formation, well drill equipment, Bioxy can help condition this water.